Construction technologies, building energy efficiency, construction materials

HighTrack brings substantial expertise in the construction industry which is where it carries out the greatest number of projects.

The projects cover a multitude of technologies, systems or products, including:

  • Infill and continuous walling
  • Steel structures for façades
  • Steel structures for residential buildings
  • Composite and concrete floors for buildings
  • Active floors and ceilings
  • Prefabricated systems used in building renovation
  • Blast protection systems
  • Burglar- and bullet-resistant joinery
  • Steel roofing
  • Super thermal insulation materials, phase change materials, cellulose insulation materials
  • Concrete, mortar and components, concrete products; ready mix concrete
  • "zero emission" plastering
  • Super-hydrophobic powders
  • High-quality tiles
  • Wooden structures for passive buildings

Specific references in this sector

  • /ArcelorMittal
  • /Knauf
  • /CRM Group