Call for projects

A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally.

Michael Porter
‘I want to submit a project proposal‘
GreenWin is a new Wallonia industry cluster aiming at innovation in green chemistry and sustainable materials (including their applications in zero or near zero energy buildings). With financial support from the Walloon Region, GreenWin’s aim is to promote all companies with local activities involving materials - either their production or their application, and that share a concern about their environmental impact. All projects are evaluated on their market potential as well as their favourable impact on the life-cycle environmental costs and benefits of the end products. Calls for projects are regularly launched by the Walloon Region.

HighTrack contributes to the preparation of the proposal as well as to the project development phase, including:

  • Drafting the letter of intent in conjunction with partners
  • Searching for partners to complete the consortium
  • Writing the preliminary proposal
  • Market research
  • Writing the final proposal
  • Assisting the company in project co-ordination