Renewable energies

In recent years, the use of renewable energies has taken off in Europe. Their growth is often facilitated by support mechanisms which vary rapidly. Each country is advancing at its own pace. Hence it is vital to invest in the most attractive countries where the payback time is shorter.

HighTrack brings you the expertise to identify and target segments of the most promising markets, to define a market penetration strategy, and to identify and select export partners.

Projects involve various sources of renewable energy:

  • Solar
    • The global market for solar air heating
    • The solar thermal market in Europe; BIST, building integrated solar thermal
    • BIPV, building integrated photovoltaic
    • Market opportunities for sun trackers in western Europe
  • Biomass
    • Solid biomass gasification CHP in Europe
    • Market for high performance fireplaces and stoves
    • Market for boilers and stoves
  • Hydro-electricity
    • Small hydropower market in most attractive European countries
  • Wind
    • Wind turbine towers
    • European market for medium-power (25 to 100 kW) turbines
  • Geothermal
    • European market for vertical geothermal probes

Specific references in this sector

  • ArcelorMittal
  • Xylowatt
  • Edora