Other engineering sectors

The nature of the services provided by HighTrack is not specific to certain sectors, and our understanding of your business and your products, and the pragmatism of the solutions will convince you.

Projects cover a multitude of technologies, systems or products, including:

  • Phenolic acids, wheat bran extracts, with antioxidant functionality
  • Quality control equipment for optics / ophthalmic industry
  • Testing equipment in rock mechanics
  • Lightning and electrical equipment
  • Modular ergonomic podiums for optimizing workstations
  • Lime spreaders
  • Boosters for vehicles
  • Conveyors for industry
  • Furnaces for the glass industry
  • Medical diagnosis equipment
  • Hormonal IUDs

Among our references

  • /Epslog
  • /Cersa
  • /MDM